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  • The Membership Directory has been updated (June 2015). To update your contact information, please update your online profile with AERA. Username and password for accessing the directory can be found in the latest SIGRME newsletter. If you have questions about accessing the directory, please email Meghan Shaughnessy.

  • The new Winter 2015 newsletter can be found here!

  • Congrats to the new elected officers of SIG/RME: Ilana Horn (Co-Chair), Hala Ghousseini (Communications),  Paula Guerra (Events), and Meghan Shaughnessy (Electronics)

  • Check out the new job postings. Please remember to refresh your browser to make sure you have the latest job listings. Please email all post requests to: Meghan Shaughnessy. If there are any problems with the website, please e-mail Meghan as well.

Announcements/Calls for papers

  1. Here are two opportunities to enhance your teaching, administration, and research. Indiana University School of Education is offering two fully online courses starting May 13, 2015. Both courses will let you personalize you learning as they relate to your interests in math ed and beyond. Both courses can be completed for free as Big Open Online Courses (“BOOCs”) or for three graduate-level credits.

  2. Samuel Otten, who curates the Math Ed Podcast, has shared a link to Jim Hiebert's Distinguish Scholar Award talk at the SIG/RME business meeting at AERA 2015. Thanks for capturing the talk, Sam!
  3. The Elementary Pre-Service Teachers Mathematics Project - Phase II is seeking instructors of pre-service elementary content or methods courses to be field testers of their instructional materials. Contact Ale Salinas ( if interested in learning more.
  4. The editing team of Action in Teacher Education, a national peer reviewed journal that publishes scholarship relating to research in teacher education (pre- and in-service) and pedagogy, seeks reviewers for manuscripts submitted to the journal.  They are looking for teaching and research faculty from across research methodologies and areas of expertise with the time, and willingness to conduct rigorous analyses of submissions and provide constructive feedback that informs editors and authors about manuscripts’ strengths and weaknesses.

    Those interested should send an email providing their (1) name, (2) title, (3) affiliation, (4) research foci, and (5) methodological expertise to

  5. Jinfa Cai has shared the recently released IES & NSF Report on Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development. Thanks, Jinfa!
  6. Travel Grants are available from the Association for Women in Mathematics. Deadlines: Feb 1, May 1, Oct 1, every year.

The purpose of SIG/RME is to promote and to disseminate research, development, and evaluative efforts in mathematics education, and to promote and encourage scholarly and productive exchanges among members of all the constituencies that affect, or are affected by, research on the learning and teaching of mathematics.

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